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Ways To Handle Mental Illness.

 Life with mental illness as many know is a hard path, and a path that shouldn't be taken alone, my mission as a life coach is to educate those struggling with mental illness and to create a safe environment for individuals to express themselves and to help promote a healing space so you may find peace and explore the world within a healthy mindset. 


Help Finding What Type Of Man You Want To Be.

 Connecting to the inner man is a journey many men have questions about, main one being " What makes you a man?" With this i wanted to dissolve some of the male stereotypes among men and by doing so will help men express their true feelings and aid in helping them seek out their true desires in life which could be career goals or finding new interest. 

Celebrating Gay Pride

Help Navigating In The LGBTQ+ Communities.

Life in the LGBTQ+ community is all about finding ones self within this amazing and strong community, we will work on acceptance,self love and what it truly means to be apart of this growing community, we will also discuss some of the struggles and how to overcome them!

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Help Those With Empathic Abilities.

 Life as an empath, will be a journey into the mind of someone who feels everything, and what it means to be empathic and how it goes beyond feeling others emotions, we will also learn how to control your own emotions as it can be a daily challenge  to keep your own emotions in check as a empath. 


Help Find Your True Purpose.

 Life purpose is just that, we will be finding what makes life worth living for, there are many different reasons why finding your life purpose is important, one reason being, finding what you are meant to do will make your out look on life much brighter. So your true purpose is out there you just got to find it, and I'm here to help you along to make you a better version of you for the long run. 


Help Connect You Spiritually.

Spiritual Coaching, Embark on a path, where you find a new sense of spirituality, and what spirituality is to you.



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