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Tyler Thompson, Owner
My name is Tyler.  I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur. I've owned my own business for the last 6 years working as a Master Barber.. I was born in NYC and grew up in NH, My dream is to leave NH to move towards a warmer climate with my family. Some of my hobbies are Fishing, Photography, Traveling,Video gaming, and going out with close friends and family. I also have two beautiful German Shepherds,  My dogs (Krypto and Luna) are 3 years old and I love every moment with them.
 I got into life coaching for a few reasons, one being I was diagnosed with Bipolar at the age of 22, and that alone changed my life. Growing up, I struggled with depression and dark thoughts but never found the reason behind why I felt so bad all the time. So I would go to the doctor, and he would prescribe antidepressants.  I would react badly to the point my primary care doctor thought I was refusing treatment and didn't want to work with me anymore.
I've lived many years not knowing what was wrong with me until one day, I made it my mission to find the cause for my problems. So I could feel at peace. I found a therapist and did a lot of online research to find out later I was Bipolar. Once I found out, I was scared that I would never get better. I mean, who wants to be stuck with a life-changing disorder? I've since changed my thoughts on my disorder because I don't want to be a victim. I made my disorder my power to make a brighter future, and to be honest, not every day is perfect. Still, I knew deep down in my heart I could do this. I've been a victim all my life; I was bullied, judged for being biracial, and even sexually assaulted at my place of work, I was blamed for those things happening to me when in reality, it wasn't my fault. So I needed to forgive myself and those who hurt me so I could heal. This is what led me to be a life coach, so I can help guide those who felt or who are feeling like I did growing up, unsure what's going on, scared and powerless people who need someone to listen to their struggle. I also want to help those regain their power. So they can live happy and peaceful lives because you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Just because you were a victim of an awful thing, doesn't  mean you can't take your chance at a life beyond that pain because when I say I understand, I genuinely understand I might not know what took place and how you felt, but we will work for your future together.
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