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Life In The LGBTQ+ community is wonderful group of people, what makes them so wonderful is the fact, we know we aren't perfect. As odd as that is, us not being perfect draws us together, and that's our superpower! We are are STRONG,POWERFUL and, BEAUTIFUL!


LGBTQ+ Family Services 

Trying to start a family? Not sure where to start? here is a link to begin your journey to becoming loving parents!


Hiv Awareness

Hiv and other Std awareness isn't just a LGBTQ+ issue. Staying educated and aware will help many understand the facts over myth about Stds so when dealing with them yourself or people who might be positive, you then can handle the topic with insight so we can avoid the fear response which can lead to other issues. 

Gay Pride Celebrations

Dating in the LGBTQ+ community

Everyone knows finding that special someone can feel like forever. Life coaching can help you along with building up the necessary skills to conquer the dating world. Because you are worthy of love. We will also discuss the challenges of dating and how to avoid some dating disasters!  

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